Santa Claus by Go Kinoshita

Santa Claus by Go Kinoshita copiaOrigami Santa Claus by Go Kinoshita
Designer: Go Kinoshita
Folder and Photographer: Origami Kids

Difficulty level: Medium. Time to fold 45 min. 90 Steps Folded from a one classic Red and White Single Uncut square origami paper, about 25cm x 25cm.
Folding Instructions at the end of the page.

Origami Santa Claus by Go Kinoshita . What is Christmas without Santa Claus? Clearly not the same. So being so considerate as we bring you the Santa Claus by Go Kinoshita. We heard from secret sources that Santa brings many more gifts to children who do San Nicolas de Origami;-D so that this model is mandatory for the holiday season.

How to fold:
…T…fi…^-®‚SflÅ-1.PDFOption 1. Diagram
On his Website Go Kinoshita has generously shared a Diagram of how to fold this model. Diagram Here!
If you decide to use it, you will leave to another site, and what you do next is on your own responsibility.

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