Christmas Tree for Kids

Very Easy: Origami Christmas Tree for Kids
Extra Simple Origami Christmas Tree for Kids
From model Origami Pine Tree Traditional
Folder and Photographer: @Origami_Kids

Difficulty level: Very Easy. Time to fold 1 min. 7 steps.
Technique: This is not an assembly of a modular model, cut and glue are not required. It’s folded from one squares of origami paper green and brown about 20cm x 20cm

How to fold, the Very Easy: Origami Christmas Tree for Kids

Option 1. Video Tutorial
This traditional origami christmas tree is very easy to fold. it starts with a kite base and there is no special folding technique involved in this model. It takes only seven steps to make one
This traditional origami tree is a favorite among children and adults alike. It is easy to make and looks great every time. It works best if you have paper that is different color on the front and back side. For example, standard origami paper or double-sided origami paper will work well. If you use paper that is the same color back and front, then the top of the tree and the trunk of the tree will be the same color.
The resulting model is flat and can be used as a gift tag, an ornament, or as a decoration on a greeting card.

Option 2. Diagram:
1)Start with a square sheet of paper with white-side facing up. Rotate the paper so it is “diamond” orientation.
2) Fold paper in half. Unfold. Fold in the paper so the top-left and top-right edges of the paper meet the central crease.
3) Turn over.
4) Fold in the paper so the bottom-left and bottom-right edges of the paper meet the central crease.
5) Fold the model in half (bottom to top).
6) Fold the top flap back down: make the crease so only the white part of the paper is showing when you look at the back side of the model (join blue dots). Turn the model over to check on the color of the paper before you make a firm crease.
7) Fold up the bottom point of the model. Turn over and you’re done!



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